Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 2010 Artbbook Cover W.I.P.

Wanted to share with ya the work in progress of what I'm doing for my cover to my 2010 artbook. The thought behind it is to hang in there, chase your dreams, conquer your goals, and to take that rough road to keep that inspiration alive no matter how difficult it is.

This is the front cover. The final will be a wrap around cover. I'll keep you all in the loop as I take you through the stages to final. You're in for a treat, I hope. If you're not familiar with the characters on the surface area... then shame on you. It's my Bastion's 7 characters, but in chibi form! HAHAHA

I'll also post some of the Bastion's 7 panels on here soon, once I get them more cleaned up. :)

Thank you for stopping by everyone!

Hope y'all digs!