Thursday, February 25, 2010

B7 webcomic panels

Heya gang. I promised ya a sneak peak, so here ya go.

Big thanks to Mark Smith for helping me in the earlier development of B7.

I'd like to introduce my pal, J.Torres who's taking primary writing chores to push me creatively for the B7 webcomic.

J. Torres is the writer of the recently released graphic novel Lola: A Ghost Story and is a contributor to the Wall-E and Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic book series. J. first worked with me on Teen Titans Go. Visit him at

To tell ya the truth J. is so awesome he recently competed in the no-man bobsled competition at the Winter Olympics and won gold, silver, bronze and the lottery too.

So here's a conceptual peek and more to come in the near future!

Please don't beat me up on the text, It's just for your reading pleasure. :P

Just wrapped up roughing out panels 5-8 for my Bastion's 7 webcomic. The story starts off in the year 2074, in Chinatown: San Diego. This is where Bastion's 7 base is located. :) Why... because I love San Diego... AND I never felt 2 blocks of downtown was enough to call a Chinatown, so I made San Diego 80% Chinatown.. hehehe

Hope y'all digs!


  1. sweet!
    er wait you makin a webcomic too!?


  2. thanks, guys!

    i sure am, Joe. tired of not doing the full story! hahaha

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    joe g.

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